Case Study Terra Tangra


Terra Tangra


Sakar Mountain, Thracian Plain



About the winery:

Being a modern wine producer, which strives for innovation and follows new technology trends in precision viticulture, Terra Tangra became a client of ours back in 2021. A leading player in the wine industry, Terra Tangra Wine Cellar is situated in the picturesque Thracian Plain on the southwestern side of Sakar Mountain. The winery produces red, rosé, and white wines with excellent wine quality in limited boutique series, from grapes, sourced exclusively from their own 350 hectares of lush vineyards.

The trail to success:

In just a few hours, we installed sensors on Terra Tangra’s fields to gain insights into soil temperature and moisture, humidity and barometric pressure, and environmental conditions. The sensors began transmitting information straight to BeVine’s smart vineyard management software where Terra Tangra team could access the sensor data in real time via an easy-to-use user interface from any device. The team was eager to start measuring, analyzing and taking action by utilizing all the smart features of the BeVine solution – advanced mapping and field management, weather conditions and forecast, digital diary, disease prediction models, alerts and more.


Ever since the go-live, our main point of contact at the winery has been Todor Dobrev, a consultant at Terra Tangra. Initially, Todor decided to run a small experiment – he worked closely with Terra Tangra’s on-site agronomist, who served as his eyes on the field, while simultaneously tracked the recorded data from the sensors in the BeVine software to make sure the results align. Realizing that the mildew prediction model worked with more than 90% accuracy, nowadays Todor is happy to say that he fully relies on BeVine’s smart vineyard management solution to monitor the fields remotely and consult the winery based on BeVine forecasts.

Todor shares he really appreciates the high accuracy of the Bevine mildew prediction model (P. Viticola), which monitors the development of the mildew pathogen and based on its progression, predicts the risk for the plants. This year he will expand the usage of the software by logging and monitoring symptoms of black rot as well.

A big relief for the team is that they no longer have to write symptoms down on paper and manually calculate disease patterns in the plants. The vineyard management software allows them to make entries on the go via a mobile device and presents them with precise data in one place, rather than in sheets. It gives them ready-to-use insights that previously took a lot of time to analyze and helps them react on time to every change in the fields.

Coming Soon:

Thanks to the BeVine disease prediction model, Terra Tangra’s team also managed to reduce the number of spray applications to the crops. Currently, their team is working closely with our engineers in developing new precision agriculture features that will allow further reduction of pesticide application. The model will monitor historic sprayings and their durability, as well as how the weather conditions affect the resilience of specific pesticides in order to provide smart suggestions on the spraying schedules and determine any potential risks for the crops.


Terra Tangra winery onboarded the BeVine solution to improve classification, prediction and control over crop infections, automate activities, and make better decisions. We’re very happy to help Terra Tangra optimize their processes and increase their profits by providing meaningful data at their fingertips and offering critical insights, visibility and control over their vines.