New European horizons for BeVine & Weenat

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between BeVine and Weenat, uniting our strengths to revolutionize vineyard management in the face of changing climates. This partnership blends BeVine’s innovative vineyard management software with Weenat’s advanced agro-meteorological tools amidst the challenges of climate change.

Weenat’s tools provide real-time supervision of meteorological and agronomic conditions, directly supporting over 20,000 users and sensors across Europe. Weenat boasts an impressive reach, with more than 20 partnerships in agribusiness and institutes and over 160 locally connected sensors networks with partners throughout Europe. This expansive operation not only serves as a testament to Weenat’s influence but also opens up new markets for BeVine.

BeVine’s comprehensive grape-to-bottle solution seamlessly integrates with Weenat’s technology, offering vinegrowers and agronomists in countries like France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, and Poland access to real-time, plot-specific climate data. This empowers them to make informed decisions throughout the entire journey of wine creation, optimizing production, enhancing yield quality, and mitigating climate-related risks.

Together, BeVine and Weenat are pioneering a new era of tech-driven viticulture, where data-driven insights lead to sustainable practices, ensuring every bottle reflects the harmony of technology and tradition.

Special Offer for Weenat’s Clients

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership brings and look forward to making significant strides together in the realm of vineyard management. As a gesture to kickstart our partnership, we are offering a two-month free trial of our solution to Weenat’s clients.

In case of interest, contact us to activate the service for you!

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