Partnership for a revolution in precision viticulture

BeVine, a leading provider of software solutions to aid the wine industry, is pleased to share its strategic partnership with Meteobot, a pioneer in automated weather and soil condition monitoring. This collaboration, undoubtedly, represents a major step forward in precision agriculture for the wine industry.

In less than a year, the partnership is already reshaping the way vine growers approach vineyard management on across more than 10 farms in Bulgaria.

BeVine, known for its innovative approach to enhancing crop quality and optimizing production costs through advanced vine disease prediction models, in collaboration with Meteobot, aims, in collaboration with Meteobot, to deliver increasingly advanced and reliable technologies for vineyard management.

Meteobot is a company specialized in providing accurate real-time climate and soil data through its autonomous weather stations. This data is critical for plant disease control and integrates seamlessly with BeVine’s system, enabling more accurate and timely forecasts of disease development in vineyards.

The main benefits for growers are:

  • Improved disease forecasting: By combining real-time weather data measured by Meteobot and BeVine’s disease forecasting models, agronomists can anticipate and effectively manage disease risks and their workflows.
  • Optimised use of resources: accurate data on weather conditions and soil indicators allow more precise application of various practices and preparations, reducing their cost and environmental impact.
  • Improved crop quality: Timely, data-driven decisions lead to healthier vines and better crop quality.
  • Ease of use: Integration offers an easy-to-use application that makes advanced viticulture technology available to all growers.

No matter which of the two companies you decide to contact, you will receive the same good treatment and conditions. Further information is available at:

BeVine at tel. +359 89 865 3876,

from Meteobot:

for northern Bulgaria – tel. +359 89 554 5636

for southern Bulgaria – tel. +359 89 554 1807

For more information about Meteobot, please visit also https://meteobot.com/