Strategic Partnership Program

Partner with us and embark on a mutually beneficial strategic collaboration

Our goal is to establish a strategic partnership program comprised of international companies committed to delivering a comprehensive solution for the agri-food industry.

We believe that together we stand strong and helpful for society. Thus, we are actively seeking strategic partners who possess exceptional professionalism, strategic vision, and a strong work ethic to deliver our commitment to society.

What we offer


Digital Promotion (utilizing social media, websites, and blogs) and active participation in events, exhibitions, product, and solution demonstrations.

Academic Research and Product Tests

Use of academic resources and prominent professors from top Agricultural universities, MVP creation, market and user tests, etc.

New Markets
and Issues

Access to new markets and unaddressed customer pains

Product and Solution Integration

Integration of hardware or software solution into BeVine

The strategic partners we seek

Comprehensive solution

Solutions or products that, once integrated into Bevine platform, enhance, and extend its capabilities, providing a more value for our mutual customers.

Technology and Service Providers

Hardware products and service providers, agronomic consultants, firms who enhance their customer offerings with additional services through Bevine, such as drone services, chemical analytical laboratories, wine making support devices and others within the AgTech space.

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