The ascent of Sap in the vineyards

With the arrival of spring and the first warm rays of sunshine, the vineyards begin to come alive at one of the most magical times of the year. The ascent of sap, this landmark moment for every vine grower, marks the end of the winter sleep and the beginning of a new cycle of life. The visible changes in the vines are not only a beautiful spectacle, but also an important signal of the coming period of active growth.

The buds of the vines, which until recently have been dormant, are now swelling and promise a new beginning with the first shoots forming. This process is influenced by several factors, including vine variety, local climatic conditions and viticultural practices. Proper management during this phase is critical to vine health and yield quality.

Here are some impressive examples of the accuracy of the predictions made by our vineyard software and how they reflect what is happening on some of the farms we partner with.

In the vineyards of the Rozhen Monastery we observed a remarkable synchronisation with our forecasts – the date for the start of the sap production in the Merlot and Early Melnik grape varieties is scheduled for 17 March, and the observations made in the field confirmed this with 100% accuracy.

Vinex Slavyantsi presents us with another success – the start of the juice movement was captured on 18 March, exactly as predicted by our software for the Muscat variety. This underlines the reliability and precision of our analyses.

In the Rosalea winery, we witnessed the start of the juice movement on 1 March, as our software had predicted this process to start slightly earlier, on 27 February. Despite the slight deviation, the results again demonstrate the high efficiency of our forecasting system.

These examples highlight how Bivine’s software is becoming an indispensable tool for optimizing viticultural practices and improving vineyard management, while enabling better planning and informed decision making.