Viticultural business face to face with digitization and science

We are currently witnessing a time where digital connectivity among companies and the digitization of various industries, including agriculture, have taken precedence over traditional methods of conducting business. At BeVine, we firmly believe in modernization and continuously strive to develop novel approaches in agriculture through our cutting-edge software solutions. Our values align with those of AgroHub.bg, with whom we have established a collaborative partnership for the AgroDigiRise project in 2022. So far, this collaboration has been successful. The project aims to create a network of cooperation between the agricultural sector, digital technology professionals, and scientists. The objective is to present various innovative solutions to farmers, allowing them to evaluate which one best suits their agricultural activities. Farmers are provided with the opportunity to “test before invest,” and expert advice on the functionality of technological solutions is readily available.

Recently, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, we installed four partner weather stations in an experimental field located above the village of Brestnik. We will be monitoring the development of several vineyard fields using these stations. Both Associate Professors Ludmil Angelov and Boyan Stalev will be conducting demonstrations to help interested farmers familiarize themselves with the functionality of our intelligent vineyard management software. This software facilitates remote monitoring and smart grape cultivation. The collaboration with experts who possess extensive experience in agronomy and a well-equipped university base are essential for collecting useful data and conducting innovative research in this field.

* In the photo – installation of a weather station with the Bevine team and Assoc. L. Angelov

The concept of linking technology and viticulture has been materialized by positioning sensors in vineyards to extract meteorological data such as air and soil temperature and humidity, precipitation amount, wind speed, and direction. Our developed software processes and analyzes this data, visualizing it through our mobile application. The obtained information will assist farmers in increasing their yields, as well as improving the safety and quality of their harvest.

In partnership with the Plovdiv Agrarian University team, our objectives include studying the microclimate in vineyards and analyzing temperature and humidity differences between the air and the vines themselves. We have placed sensors in three locations within the rows to better understand the effects of these factors on the vine plants. Additionally, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of pathogen development within the vines throughout the year and the phenophases of corresponding grape varieties.

Currently, intelligent agricultural solutions in Bulgaria are trailing behind global trends. However, thanks to projects such as AgroDigiRise, innovative companies like BeVine, and the scientific resources of universities such as the Agricultural University in Plovdiv, the disparities between Bulgaria and other countries may become less noticeable. Whereas in the past, remote access and daily monitoring of thousands of acres of plantations were unimaginable, today, these goals are entirely feasible.