BeVine Vineyard Analytics and Management Software

BeVine offers a decision support system for winegrowers who want to optimize their production costs and get quality yield. BeVine is designed to be a precision agriculture tool employing remote sensing of environmental conditions and combining them with prediction models. With the BeVine technology winegrowers achieve: 


Spraying savings


accuracy of disease prediction models


Savings on scouting expenses

Environmental conditions are monitored with a weather station in your vineyard and combined with our experience and knowledge, this data is transformed into a reliable prediction of disease risks and expected yields. Key benefits of the system: 

Precision Viticulture Solution

BeVine is a software as a service solution for vineyard management. It acts as a decision support system for wine producers who want to optimize their production costs and get quality yield.


BeVine serves all size customers in the wine industry across Europe. BeVine is a high-tech company that strives to solve customer challenges by partnering with leading companies in the industry.


BeVine proudly earns the trust of its customers and is fully committed to helping then achieve success. See some of the successful projects implemented with the help of our technological solution.

Terra Tangra Winery reports reduction of pesticide spraying over their crops and over 90% accuracy in the disease prediction model with the BeVine smart vineyard management solution. The team is taking advantage of all the smart features of the BeVine solution: advanced mapping and field management, weather forecast, digital diary, disease prediction model, alerts and more in a live user-friendly UI.



BeVine’s cloud-based smart vineyard management system assists Rosalea Winery in the early detection of diseases development on grapevine. The software provides a comprehensive view of the vineyard operations and helps the team to improve their yields and reduce man-hours spend on manual tasks through a mobile sensing platform.



The BeVine smart vineyard management software enables Tipchenitza Winery to remotely monitor their vines' health and access live vineyard data through any device. This gives the winery accurate disease prediction models and remote diagnostics to make informed decisions about their crops.



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The BeVine software for precision viticulture is designed to help agronomists, winegrowers and winemakers make better choices for their vineyards. The solution provides data and analysis, as well as recommendations based on historic data, industry models and subject matter expertise collected and embedded in the solution. BeVine is your own personal agronomist, right at your fingertips.




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