BeVine is a strong believer in the fruitful, transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative partnership approach to the market. We are looking for long-lasting commercial partnerships that will evolve and flourish with time.

If your company operates in the agricultural sector and seeks to enhance its product portfolio with cutting-edge solutions in viticulture and beyond, our Commercial Reseller Partner Program (CRPP) is the ideal fit for your needs.

What we offer


Count on us to consistently provide you with the foremost technology solutions, ensuring your competitive edge in the market. We empower you to foresee your customers' requirements and deliver distinctive, uncomplicated, and efficient solutions.

Product and Solution Training

You'll engage in a specialized training program and receive ongoing updates on the latest product developments.

Product Support

We’ll take care of it while you concentrate on your primary business activities.

Sales Commissions and special pricing

Our commission policy is transparent and straightforward. Foster a direct customer relationship and provide BeVine solutions with customized discounts, ensuring you receive your commission for each sale together with volume sales bonuses.

Marketing and
PR presence

You'll be included in all outbound marketing and RR communication across our online platforms, engage in events and exhibitions with compelling case studies, and feature dedicated mutual offerings.

Broader market

You’ll be able to approach a broader market and solve many more customer pains than before. Offering a more complete solution and turning into a one stop shop provider.

Becoming part of Bevine's Reseller Program is easy and fun:

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