New partnership with North Macedonia to support innovative viticulture

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new strategic partnership between BeVine and the North Macedonian company Weather4All and its main driving force – Gligor Todorov. This collaboration will integrate innovative weather solutions into the wine industry now in North Macedonia, providing growers with new opportunities for optimization and improved efficiency. Weather4All is […]

A new partnership for more successful plant protection

We are very pleased to announce that a new strategic partnership was concluded at the end of last week, which will bring significant benefits to agronomists and help the development of BeVine. Working together with the preparati.info website allows us to provide our users with access to up-to-date and comprehensive information on plant protection products […]

The ascent of Sap in the vineyards

With the arrival of spring and the first warm rays of sunshine, the vineyards begin to come alive at one of the most magical times of the year. The ascent of sap, this landmark moment for every vine grower, marks the end of the winter sleep and the beginning of a new cycle of life. […]

New European horizons for BeVine & Weenat

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership between BeVine and Weenat, uniting our strengths to revolutionize vineyard management in the face of changing climates. This partnership blends BeVine’s innovative vineyard management software with Weenat’s advanced agro-meteorological tools amidst the challenges of climate change. Weenat’s tools provide real-time supervision of meteorological and agronomic conditions, directly […]

Partnership for a revolution in precision viticulture

BeVine, a leading provider of software solutions to aid the wine industry, is pleased to share its strategic partnership with Meteobot, a pioneer in automated weather and soil condition monitoring. This collaboration, undoubtedly, represents a major step forward in precision agriculture for the wine industry. In less than a year, the partnership is already reshaping […]

Viticultural business face to face with digitization and science

We are currently witnessing a time where digital connectivity among companies and the digitization of various industries, including agriculture, have taken precedence over traditional methods of conducting business. At BeVine, we firmly believe in modernization and continuously strive to develop novel approaches in agriculture through our cutting-edge software solutions. Our values align with those of […]

Why Growing Degree Days is of such importance for viticulturists?

In the development of the vine, as well as in the development of any living being, the conditions under which it will be grown are of essential importance. It is known that the parameters of temperature and humidity in which a given vineyard is grown are the most influential. They play an important role not […]

Case Study Tipchenitza

The BeVine smart vineyard management software enables Tipchenitza Winery to remotely monitor their vines’ health and access live vineyard data through any device. This gives the winery accurate disease prediction models and remote diagnostics to make informed decisions about their crops.

Case Study Terra Tangra

Terra Tangra Winery reports reduction of pesticide spraying over their crops and over 90% accuracy in the disease prediction model with the BeVine smart vineyard management solution. The team is taking advantage of all the smart features of the BeVine solution: advanced mapping and field management, weather forecast, digital diary, disease prediction model, alerts and more in a live user-friendly UI.

Case Study Rosalea

BeVine’s cloud-based smart vineyard management system assists Rosalea Winery in the early detection of diseases development on grapevine. The software provides a comprehensive view of the vineyard operations and helps the team to improve their yields and reduce man-hours spend on manual tasks through a mobile sensing platform.